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Elizabeth Jessup is a contemporary impressionist painter. She is interested in freely interpreting the scenes of 19th-century art of van Gogh, Gauguin, and Monet as they are affected by the changing weather conditions and light. Jessup uses short periods of time to try to simplify and capture a moment in a painting: "When I paint, I fill the canvas with color, often wiping out and scraping off paint, only, then, to put it back in.  The unexpected is often most successful." Her works hang in private collections in the United States, England, and Canada. She studied art at Pratt and The New York School of Design. The Richmond Times had this to say about her art. “Picture a colorful setting in nature, filled with unruly flowers, and a blazing sun, and you can envision yourself in the wonderful, colorful, and joyful world of Liz Jessup.”

Many of the frames are from auctions and estate sales, and are not new or perfect, but quite often the frame seems to pull the art into it, and be a perfect fit.